Synergy Dental Confirmed as Second Event Sponsor/ Speed Networking Sponsor

We’re so excited for the Big Bolton Expo, and Synergy Dental are confirmed as our second event sponsor and speed networking sponsor.

Synergy Dental Clinic, is a multi-award winning dental practice based in Blackburn Road, right here in Bolton. Since the 1970’s the Synergy Dental Clinic has been developing a growing clientele among local people now spanning a couple of generations. Having developed a loyal patient base the dental clinic is offering professional dental services to many more Bolton people. Attendance at the dentist can be a chilling experience, however, such are the friendly and welcoming folk at Synergy that ‘going to the dentist’ has become a friendly, supportive and comfortable experience in which oral health has become a truly positive proactive option and part of a preventative healthy life style. The highly trained dental professionals at Synergy take a very great interest in their patients and are proud to offer excellent service and patient care. The fully equipped surgery with up to date equipment and techniques is both professional and relaxed.

Regular dental hygiene visits are recommended because many general health issues as well as dental problems may be averted by regular oral health checks. Remedial work may be required but with the most modern techniques and equipment, at the hands of surgical professionals those problems are quickly identified and efficiently taken care of in congenial surroundings and with friendly and reassuring support. Further, the Synergy dental clinic has the capacity to keep all procedures in-house, no matter how big or small. The dental professionals are able to administer dental sedation to those patients who are particularly nervous about their dental visits or where pain relief is considered necessary during treatment. Patients, and parents, can be assured that they are in safe hands for the duration of their dental treatment with the help of the trained staff at Synergy Dental Clinic, Bolton, before, during, and after treatment, plus they can be assured about their personal health and safety or of their children in these circumstances.

The Bolton Dental Synergy clinic offers A to Z dentistry, providing a full range of treatments for all patients in-house. Focusing on cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry, they have the capacity to complete a wide variety of treatments, from bridges and dentures to root canals and wisdom tooth removal. Facial aesthetics solutions, such as non-surgical wrinkle and line removal, are also offered at the clinic and are covered by their comprehensive Synplan dental plan. For just £9.99 Synplan helps our customers reduce and spread the cost of preventative dental care so they can avoid paying a lump sum at the end of their treatment. Synplan customers also benefit from free tooth whitening for life, so they can make sure they have white teeth and a confident smile to be proud of.

At a time when many children are experiencing severe problems with their teeth, problems that will affect their confidence and last long into their adulthood, there is no better time to act than now. Adults and children alike are welcomed at Synergy, the sooner people present themselves for checking, the sooner preventative or remedial action can be started.

Come and see Synergy Dental on stand 37!

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