Pre-Expo Jingles from Bolton FM!

Are you exhibiting at the Big Bolton Expo 2016? Let the people of Bolton know!


A 15 second advert giving a Pre-Expo message to the people of Bolton. It could be a special expo offer, with contact number and website or a simple reminder of your business.

Like last year, when 20 exhibitors took part, you will be in a full commercial with 3 other members…so four in total….topped and tailed with a message about EXPO from the dulcet tones of David Ramsden. All adverts in peak listening time between 7am – 6pm

It will air in the weeks before EXPO up to 29th June so 100 slots on the radio. (Just 50 pence per advert) Last year many adverts were voiced by the companies themselves or Bolton FM can do it for you.

Bolton FM will be at EXPO as always hosting the music, announcements and carrying out interviews so if there is anything else they can do to promote you in advance of the Big Bolton Expo let them know.

To book your advert or to learn more contact Bolton FM via either Keith Harris on M 07860 567811 or

Andrew Dickson M 07702 855349

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