Kip McGrath Confirmed as Bag Sponsor!

So excited! Kip McGrath has confirmed as bag sponsor for the Big Bolton Epxo!

The Kip McGrath Tuition Centre Bolton is situated in Higher Bridge Street in the centre of the Town. Providing Mathematics and English tuition for children aged between 6 years and 16 years, that vital time in a child’s educational development stage, the Kip McGrath Tuition Centre is run by top quality professional teachers who are dedicated to providing the absolute best support for the young people of Bolton in line with the local and the National curriculum. By removing children from the pressurised environment of large classes, plus the  close attention of gifted, highly qualified, and specialist teaching staff the Centre are able to provide individual and dedicated coaching in a pleasantly positive and fun learning environment.

The Kip McGrath Tuition Centre is OFSTED registered, and is subject to quality checks and approval, ensuring that the students who attend may do so in absolute confidence.

The Kip McGrath Tuition Centre is run by Sherrie Charlton, who won the accolade ‘Teacher of the Year Award’ presented by The Best of Bolton in 2014, such is the high calibre of this fine organisation. Along with her colleagues Sherrie Charlton has an abiding passion for educating young people, enabling all of them, no matter what their level of ability, to make the best possible progress in the two key subjects that are central to life and future employment in the workplace no matter what careers they may wish to pursue. Also, in 2014 the Kip McGrath Tuition Centre was awarded The Best of Bolton Highly Recommended prize in the Local and Loved Awards, underlining this excellent resource that allows people to use private tuition to help their youngsters to do well in SAT’s and in important qualifications prior to applying for University or College places.

To facilitate parents whose children may need special support The Kip McGrath Tuition Centre has a parent resources function on their web site where it is possible to access articles providing details about ‘Understanding Dyslexia,’ ‘Understanding your child’s learning style can help them master spelling,’ Kids and families are involved in the transition to High School,’ and ‘Getting ready for school.’ Essential guidance for these potentially difficult stages in a child’s educational life.

Parents wishing to discuss what is the best course of action for their children may have a free assessment at the Centre, a telephone call to Sherrie Charlton is all that is required to put your youngster/s on the road to excellent grades and the success that goes with them.


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