FSB confirmed as event sponsor for the second Big Bolton Expo!

For many years now the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has been a champion of the small business operator enabling small, medium, and new start firms to survive in the cut throat world of business. Small businesses are the backbone of communities locally and throughout the Country, they provide a vast array of high street shops, offices and workshops that employ many people locally and enable firms to be profitable and successful in a market place that is full of massive national and multinational players.

Bolton is brim full of such local businesses; the Butchers, the Bakers, the Printers, the Building Contractors and the plethora of one person, two person and more person’s operators that we tend to take for granted. Small business is Big Business for Bolton. However, small businesses are often run by truly gifted and capable people who may not be as aware of finance, legislation, liabilities and the many commitments that go with owning a small business.

What do The Federation of Small Businesses do? It is a membership organisation, a reasonable joining fee is quickly cost effective once the members start asking for and receiving free advice and support. The FSB works at a local level, and at National level. Locally there are networking opportunities, direct advice is offered through periodical newsletters and informative meetings, the local officials will make themselves known to the business owner – networking is the most cost effective form of marketing after all – and the Federation of Small Businesses logo displayed on your shop door tells the customers that your business is a serious and professionally run organisation.

Nationally, the Federation of Small Businesses represents small business people at Government level, and via the media, pleading their case regarding legislation changes, taxation, business rates, National Insurance matters; in fact if there is an issue that impacts local and small business the FSB will fight their corner at the highest level.

Membership also provides the small business operator with advice on matters of great import. The Federation of Small Businesses offers free legal advice in employment matters, has access to specialists in legal problems i.e. contract law, employment law changes, budget changes, and so much more.

The FSB is run by great people, all experienced small business people, with a lot of contacts, vast networking potential and sound advice from people who have been there and done what you may be trying to do. Membership is not expensive, but it opens so many doors to the small business entrepreneur that the potential benefits are massive and outweigh the cost by far.

The Federation of Small Businesses supporting the Best of Bolton and local independent businesses and are event sponsors for the Big Bolton Expo for the second time running!

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