Don’t Miss Bolton FM, our Media Partners at The Big Bolton Expob

Bolton FM, our local radio station have been partners with thebestof Bolton and The Big Bolton Expo for quite a while, and we’re so pleased to say that we are welcoming them as our Media Partners at The Big Bolton Expo on 6th October.

Bolton FM were our Media Partners at our last expo in February, which was a great event, and will be here again in October, so make sure you look out for them.

96.5 Bolton FM is the voice of the Bolton family and the Best of Bolton.

This easy listening radio station right in the heart of Bolton, indeed the heartbeat of the Town, is an award winning radio station dedicated to 24hr a day broadcasting to entertain and inform its many listeners. Located in Bolton Market on Ashburn Street the station broadcasts to the wider Bolton area. The aim of Bolton FM is to encourage new and innovative broadcasting of music, items of local interest, local news items, and to do so in a fun and entertaining style. Bolton FM shows are produced and run by volunteers, concentrating on promoting local events, sporting topics and a great deal more. Now in its sixth year the station is mature and well established as a firm favourite in the greater Bolton area.

The purpose of Bolton FM is to communicate and assist with the free flow of information and opinions across all sections of our community bringing people together through common interests. The station also is in tune with environmental issues plus the needs of the community as a whole. Part of working in a volunteer organisation is training and aiding development of its volunteers, retaining and developing knowledge and awareness of local traditions and cultural practices that may otherwise disappear with a consequential loss of this richly diverse resource that is precious to so many people. Bolton FM guards its independence from government carefully, it is important that radio stations do not simply churn out ‘policy’ but have the right to challenge it and discuss it and maybe reject it. Similarly Bolton FM is independent of all other organisations and belief systems allowing it to be completely diverse and impartial.

Bolton FM radio is established to serve the community of Bolton and district, to serve the volunteers of the community who are drawn to working there. Community radio in the United Kingdom is regulated by OFCOM to create and maintain the highest standards and to ensure that the aims of the radio station and community radio in general are observed.

We would like to thank Bolton FM for all their help with The Big Bolton Expo, make sure you look out for them and give them a big hello on 6th October where they will be situated in the expo hall on the stage.

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