Why Exhibit?

“We were a new business last year and wanted to get the word out to other businesses that our products are now available”.

“The Big Bolton Expo is the first event on our calendar. We wouldn’t miss it”

“The Expo was a great place to exhibit our services, we gained thousands of pounds worth of orders and networked with many companies. We also looked around for other ideas and found other businesses who we could work alongside us”.

“Yet again, The Big Bolton Expo has generated some great contacts for us. We even did some business on the night!”

“We would not miss the Expo for the world, we would highly recommended it as a great platform to showcase your business. Some great people attended the event and some fantastic businesses to network and sell to”.

“Can’t wait to show what else we are doing at the next Big Bolton Expo”.
Leisure Garment Services

SAM_0391“We have done several of this type of “expo” and will continue to do so as they have proved to be very good for securing new customers . Whether you are looking to increase the awareness of your brand or get new business we have found it a very good return on investment”.                            Copy Print Services



“We have always believed business is done quicker when meeting people face to face, The Big Bolton Expo gives us that perfect opportunity. Exhibiting also is a very cost effective way of meeting 100’s of potential customers and it also provides us with a chance to stand out from the crowd by demonstrating our expertise”.
Red Chilli Design

SAM_0397“The Big Bolton Expo is an important part of our experiential marketing strategy. It’s important for us to showcase our award winning venue to as many people as possible in different locations and settings. Whilst exhibiting, we like to bring an element of fun and theatre to the proceedings whilst building relationships with local people and local business”.