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Look out for BCC Cars, Car Park Sponsor at The Big Bolton Expo!

BCC Cars have confirmed as Car Park Sponsor for the Big Bolton Expo on 6th October, so don’t miss the amazing cars they will have on show in the car park on the day!

BCC Cars is an independently owned business based in the North West, having held Citroen, Suzuki and Hyundai franchises since 1980. Therefore, with 35 years of Hyundai Top Ten trading to their name the BCC Car Company is selling in excess of 700 new cars and 500 used cars per year making it a serious player in the market for cars locally and further afield. This is a very impressive total in view of the present economic climate and speaks very highly of the organization, its Directors and its staff. With the moto ‘Because Customers Count’ emblazoned on their web site, and elsewhere, this shows to people that the customer is king with this very impressive Company.

BCC Cars of Bolton has three sites in the Town each boasting a separate Dealership. BCC Citroen Bolton is sited in Higher Bridge Street, BL1 2HF. BCC Hyundai Bolton is in Bury Road, Bolton, BL2 6AJ, whilst BCC Suzuki is situated in Hypatia Street, Bolton, BL2 6AA. The company specializes in the sale and maintenance of new and used cars. With its own servicing division the Company is able to look after all of its customers with the state of the art technology and trained technicians that are needed for today’s high tech cars and commercial vehicles. At each of these premises there is a substantial array of vehicles for the would-be purchaser to look at, to take for a test drive, and to arrange to purchase. Motablity vehicles are available through BCC Cars of Bolton and customers are most welcome at their various sites where specialized staff await them to offer every assistance. Finance is available to all purchasers depending on their various needs, the staff of BCC Cars are happy to furnish details and look after each customer with courtesy and integrity.

BCC Cars are happy to supply vehicles to commercial users who may require a vehicle for business purposes such as vans, cars for taxi operators, multi cars operators, larger vehicles and vans. BCC Cars provides special arrangements for Driving Schools and looks favorably on other commercial users of vehicles.

BCC Cars has a new, fresh and easy to use, web site where would be purchasers can search for the car of choice across their numerous sites in private. Once a choice is identified purchasers can take a trip to the showroom and ask for details about their preferred vehicle. The staff at each showroom will be pleased to help with any enquiry.

BCC Cars of Bolton is proud to offer a wide range of options so that most people can find something to suit their needs or preferences.

Come and see them on stand 5!

Don’t Miss Bolton FM, our Media Partners at The Big Bolton Expob

Bolton FM, our local radio station have been partners with thebestof Bolton and The Big Bolton Expo for quite a while, and we’re so pleased to say that we are welcoming them as our Media Partners at The Big Bolton Expo on 6th October.

Bolton FM were our Media Partners at our last expo in February, which was a great event, and will be here again in October, so make sure you look out for them.

96.5 Bolton FM is the voice of the Bolton family and the Best of Bolton.

This easy listening radio station right in the heart of Bolton, indeed the heartbeat of the Town, is an award winning radio station dedicated to 24hr a day broadcasting to entertain and inform its many listeners. Located in Bolton Market on Ashburn Street the station broadcasts to the wider Bolton area. The aim of Bolton FM is to encourage new and innovative broadcasting of music, items of local interest, local news items, and to do so in a fun and entertaining style. Bolton FM shows are produced and run by volunteers, concentrating on promoting local events, sporting topics and a great deal more. Now in its sixth year the station is mature and well established as a firm favourite in the greater Bolton area.

The purpose of Bolton FM is to communicate and assist with the free flow of information and opinions across all sections of our community bringing people together through common interests. The station also is in tune with environmental issues plus the needs of the community as a whole. Part of working in a volunteer organisation is training and aiding development of its volunteers, retaining and developing knowledge and awareness of local traditions and cultural practices that may otherwise disappear with a consequential loss of this richly diverse resource that is precious to so many people. Bolton FM guards its independence from government carefully, it is important that radio stations do not simply churn out ‘policy’ but have the right to challenge it and discuss it and maybe reject it. Similarly Bolton FM is independent of all other organisations and belief systems allowing it to be completely diverse and impartial.

Bolton FM radio is established to serve the community of Bolton and district, to serve the volunteers of the community who are drawn to working there. Community radio in the United Kingdom is regulated by OFCOM to create and maintain the highest standards and to ensure that the aims of the radio station and community radio in general are observed.

We would like to thank Bolton FM for all their help with The Big Bolton Expo, make sure you look out for them and give them a big hello on 6th October where they will be situated in the expo hall on the stage.

Kip McGrath Confirmed as Bag Sponsor!

So excited! Kip McGrath has confirmed as bag sponsor for the Big Bolton Epxo!

The Kip McGrath Tuition Centre Bolton is situated in Higher Bridge Street in the centre of the Town. Providing Mathematics and English tuition for children aged between 6 years and 16 years, that vital time in a child’s educational development stage, the Kip McGrath Tuition Centre is run by top quality professional teachers who are dedicated to providing the absolute best support for the young people of Bolton in line with the local and the National curriculum. By removing children from the pressurised environment of large classes, plus the  close attention of gifted, highly qualified, and specialist teaching staff the Centre are able to provide individual and dedicated coaching in a pleasantly positive and fun learning environment.

The Kip McGrath Tuition Centre is OFSTED registered, and is subject to quality checks and approval, ensuring that the students who attend may do so in absolute confidence.

The Kip McGrath Tuition Centre is run by Sherrie Charlton, who won the accolade ‘Teacher of the Year Award’ presented by The Best of Bolton in 2014, such is the high calibre of this fine organisation. Along with her colleagues Sherrie Charlton has an abiding passion for educating young people, enabling all of them, no matter what their level of ability, to make the best possible progress in the two key subjects that are central to life and future employment in the workplace no matter what careers they may wish to pursue. Also, in 2014 the Kip McGrath Tuition Centre was awarded The Best of Bolton Highly Recommended prize in the Local and Loved Awards, underlining this excellent resource that allows people to use private tuition to help their youngsters to do well in SAT’s and in important qualifications prior to applying for University or College places.

To facilitate parents whose children may need special support The Kip McGrath Tuition Centre has a parent resources function on their web site where it is possible to access articles providing details about ‘Understanding Dyslexia,’ ‘Understanding your child’s learning style can help them master spelling,’ Kids and families are involved in the transition to High School,’ and ‘Getting ready for school.’ Essential guidance for these potentially difficult stages in a child’s educational life.

Parents wishing to discuss what is the best course of action for their children may have a free assessment at the Centre, a telephone call to Sherrie Charlton is all that is required to put your youngster/s on the road to excellent grades and the success that goes with them.


Synergy Dental Confirmed as Second Event Sponsor/ Speed Networking Sponsor

We’re so excited for the Big Bolton Expo, and Synergy Dental are confirmed as our second event sponsor and speed networking sponsor.

Synergy Dental Clinic, is a multi-award winning dental practice based in Blackburn Road, right here in Bolton. Since the 1970’s the Synergy Dental Clinic has been developing a growing clientele among local people now spanning a couple of generations. Having developed a loyal patient base the dental clinic is offering professional dental services to many more Bolton people. Attendance at the dentist can be a chilling experience, however, such are the friendly and welcoming folk at Synergy that ‘going to the dentist’ has become a friendly, supportive and comfortable experience in which oral health has become a truly positive proactive option and part of a preventative healthy life style. The highly trained dental professionals at Synergy take a very great interest in their patients and are proud to offer excellent service and patient care. The fully equipped surgery with up to date equipment and techniques is both professional and relaxed.

Regular dental hygiene visits are recommended because many general health issues as well as dental problems may be averted by regular oral health checks. Remedial work may be required but with the most modern techniques and equipment, at the hands of surgical professionals those problems are quickly identified and efficiently taken care of in congenial surroundings and with friendly and reassuring support. Further, the Synergy dental clinic has the capacity to keep all procedures in-house, no matter how big or small. The dental professionals are able to administer dental sedation to those patients who are particularly nervous about their dental visits or where pain relief is considered necessary during treatment. Patients, and parents, can be assured that they are in safe hands for the duration of their dental treatment with the help of the trained staff at Synergy Dental Clinic, Bolton, before, during, and after treatment, plus they can be assured about their personal health and safety or of their children in these circumstances.

The Bolton Dental Synergy clinic offers A to Z dentistry, providing a full range of treatments for all patients in-house. Focusing on cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry, they have the capacity to complete a wide variety of treatments, from bridges and dentures to root canals and wisdom tooth removal. Facial aesthetics solutions, such as non-surgical wrinkle and line removal, are also offered at the clinic and are covered by their comprehensive Synplan dental plan. For just £9.99 Synplan helps our customers reduce and spread the cost of preventative dental care so they can avoid paying a lump sum at the end of their treatment. Synplan customers also benefit from free tooth whitening for life, so they can make sure they have white teeth and a confident smile to be proud of.

At a time when many children are experiencing severe problems with their teeth, problems that will affect their confidence and last long into their adulthood, there is no better time to act than now. Adults and children alike are welcomed at Synergy, the sooner people present themselves for checking, the sooner preventative or remedial action can be started.

Come and see Synergy Dental on stand 37!

Look out for Red Chilli Design, Show Guide sponsor of the Big Bolton Expo!

Red Chilli Design have confirmed as show guide sponsor of the Big Bolton Expo for the second time running!

Voted Best Graphic Design Agency in the UK Red Chilli Graphic Design Agency is one of
Bolton’s most dynamic Company’s. Having in excess often years of rich experience they can
bring to any business a fresh look that will stimulate and invigorate even the most jaded
enterprise. Their team of specialists are ready and waiting for your call. Professionals with
considerable in depth experience of working closely with their valued clients in many
different areas of business and commerce, there is no challenge that they will not rise to. Red
Chilli personify customer care through the detailed attention that they offer.

Red Chilli are proudly associated with The Best of Bolton as sponsors of the Best of Bolton
Expo Autumn 2015 that will be held on Tuesday 6th October next at The Bridge Conference
Centre, Bradford Street, Bolton.

The Best of Bolton Big Bolton Expo Autumn is a great opportunity for the business
community to celebrate the rich diversity of our Town whilst networking and displaying the
richness of Bolton Commerce. The Big Bolton Autumn Expo is about bringing people
together to build relationships, showcase products and do business. With more than 85
exhibitors the Big Bolton Autumn Expo is one of the most impressive business events to be
held anywhere in the North West, probably Nationwide. In addition to the numerous stands
there will be a Market Place, a fast moving – high speed – networking event, and a great deal
of fun and business to be experienced. This event is a must for the Business people of Bolton.

The Best of Bolton is run by local business people, with many years of experience in business
right here in Bolton. It is with this in mind that they have established this powerhouse Big
Bolton Expos series of events to boost local trade and assist in the spread of commerce in the
area whilst encouraging the National reach of our business community. In association with
the sponsors, among them such fine local businesses as Red Chilli, they encapsulate what
entrepreneurial spirit is all about. By generating the business environment to bring people
together in this way they have created a priceless asset that is the pride of the Town of

The Big Bolton Autumn Expo is recommended to the people of Bolton as it truly is the Best
of Bolton.

Come and see Red Chilli on stand 8!