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A HUGE welcome to our Media Partner, The Bolton News!

We would like to give a huge welcome to our media partners, The Bolton News!

The Bolton News! are longstanding partners of ours, and are our Media Partners for the Big Bolton Expo on 6th October!

The Bolton News the 19th century success story bringing the people of Bolton up to date with news of our Town and the World beyond.

Founded in the 19th Century, in 1867 to be precise, The Bolton News is published each morning from Monday to Saturday inclusive. The Bolton News was transformed 9 years ago into its present format, no longer an ‘Evening’ paper but a thriving local Daily newspaper bringing National and Inter National news right into our own home.

The present editor is Mr Ian Savage, a Journalist since 1985, who has worked at newspapers throughout the North West, including the Bolton News and Manchester Evening News. Ian came back to Bolton as deputy news editor in 1991 and progressed steadily to becoming editor – in – chief of the Bolton News Group in 2008. He manages a team of 30 editorial staff, working on all of the newspapers, and their web sites. The Bolton News is based in ground floor premises in The Wellsprings, in Central Bolton.

For the benefit of those who do not appreciate the quality of our daily newspaper, it is well worth buying a copy or better still have it delivered to your door, it is full of news and views from around our local area, plus articles and leaders on Local and National matters of great interest where they affect our lives. What happens on the National scene may seem a million mile away from Bolton but the impact and its implications is of vital interest to us all. Current affairs, politics, and economics are exposed and analyzed through well written editorials, and investigative journalism establishing what is at the heart of these topics then communicating the core meaning to the readership.

Support for local business is a vital part of The Bolton News. The growth of business, industry and commerce, in Bolton and district is very impressive with a lot of people working hard creating businesses, jobs and attracting investment and money into the Town. The Bolton News is proud of its endeavors to support that business with positive publicity and helpful exposure. Communicating good news about growth in the Town can only be good for us all.

Sport assumes a leading role in the Bolton News, having a Championship Football team in our midst is a great asset to the Town bringing in visitors and investment. The Bolton News follows the ups and downs of the Bolton Wanderers football team throughout the season. The Bolton News also gathers news from all of our sporting population across the Town from local leagues, schools and the amateur sportsmen and women through the seasons.

Domestic events local to Bolton are detailed in the newspaper including Court matters, planning applications and subsequent decisions, Council news, indeed anything that is relevant and important to people relating to the Town of Bolton and its surrounding area is published in the newspaper. Statutory declarations are also published, as are legal notifications. The Bolton News also contains an excellent classified section that includes job information and advertisements.

The Bolton News is also about fun, local people having a good time, charity events and promotional activity, money raising for good causes and support for those organizations who give so much in our contemporary society.

We would like to thank The Bolton News for the featuring of all of our Press Releases and articles